Red Jade

Red jade is one of the most outstanding and valuable exotic minerals on the planet. It is a variety of jade and with an intense red hue similar to blood.

This shade of jade is less frequent than others of the same mineral. Despite this, there are large deposits worldwide, the main ones being those of New Zealand, Brazil, Australia and China. Although there are also jade mining operations in Canada, Russia, Zimbabwe, Poland, Alaska and Taiwan.


It is a stone that attracts the energy of the warrior. This talisman fills us with individual power and will, prompting us to act by dispelling the fear, worry and doubt that hold us back. Stimulates the energy of the survival instinct force with physical vitality, strength and passion.

Data sheet

GroupSilicate – tectosilicates
ColourBlood red
Crystal systemHexagonal / trigonal
Crystalline habitCryptocrystalline

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