Cacoxen or Cacoxenite is a phosphate that is yellow to brownish-yellow, reddish-orange, golden, dark orange or green. It is a secondary mineral found in oxidized areas of phosphate magnetite deposits, in phosphorus-enriched pegmatites, as well as more rarely in iron-rich sediments and soils. It often has an excessive abundance of aluminium as an impurity.


Cacoxenite’s name, given by the mineralogists of the XIX century, derives from the Greek and means «unwanted guest» or «bad alien». It alludes to the fact that the phosphorus content of Cacoxenite deposits spoils the quality of the iron it contains when extracting this metal in mining.

It was first described in 1825 by an occurrence at the Hrbek mine, Bohemia, Czech Republic.

Minerals that normally appear associated: Wavelite, Estrengite, Magnetite, Limonite, Duphrenite or Beraunite.

Reservoirs: England, Sweden, France, Germany, Holland and the United States.

Data Sheet

ColourYellow to yellow-brownish, orange-reddish, gold, dark orange or green

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