Learn to choose your ideal style of ring

It is important to choose each element of a ring well when buying it, learn to choose your ideal type of ring. Among those elements we have the style of the ring, the metallic part of the ring, not the stones that it can carry. Here’s a style guide to learn to choose your ideal type of ring or the one that best suits the person who is going to wear it.

The ring styles:

With sole stone:

  • Prong: The classic option, the diamond is held in place by a small metal claw. The ring is usually thin, which gives more profile to the stone.
  • Tiffany: A 6-pointed solitaire setup, it also has a slim hoop to maximise the light of the stone.
  • Bezel: A modern and increasingly popular frame, the bezel surrounds the stone and the thin metal edge holds the stone in place. The bezel configuration is firm and offers great protection to the stone.
  • Tension: It owes its name to the tension of the hoop to secure the stone in place, the stone appears suspended between both sides of the stem and is very firmly protected.
  • Channel: Small stones are placed in the ring, inserted into the channel slots. There are no spikes, so it is considered a safe and hassle-free option.
  • Cathedral: A very elegant option, the metal arches hold the diamond in place. These arches add extra height and make the stone appear larger.
  • Flush/Gypsy: The stone is drilled into a hole in the hoop and settled inside the ring. It looks elegant and offers great protection for the stone.

With many stones:

  • Pavé: Small stones are placed around the hoop to create a ring with continuous shine. It gives the whole ring a dazzling appearance and adds shine to a stone with less luminosity.
  • Halo: Small stones are placed concentrically around the center stone, making it appear larger and increases the overall brightness of the ring.
  • Bar: The stones are placed individually between vertical bars that secure the stone on two sides and leave the other two sides exposed.
  • Cluster: This configuration groups the stones very close to give the appearance of a large stone. It can contain a large group of central stones along with stones of the same size.
  • Split shank: One side of the ring is divided into separate stems for a bold and asymmetrical appearance.

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