Tips for choosing children’s jewelry

When choosing jewelry for a baby or a child, there are several things to keep in mind depending on their age.

You may think that children and jewelry are not a good combination. You’re right. Children are carefree by nature, and are not especially responsible when handling delicate objects such as jewelry. But children love to dress up and disguise themselves, reaching an age when they take an interest in jewelry.

It is not advisable for babies to wear certain types of jewelry for several reasons:

  • The use of chains causes risk of suffocation.
  • Bracelets and anklets must have secure clasps as they can snag on anything and cause damage.
  • Babies tend to suck on everything in their reach, including their hands. This makes the rings unsuitable for them.

Another option is to buy them jewelry when they are over six years old. They are more responsible in handling their belongings and can verbalize their discomfort about wearing the jewelry.

What safety measures should be taken when having children wear jewelry?

Infants and children absorb more nickel, lead and cadmium than adults and these are harmful to children’s internal organs and skin. You should not buy any type of jewelry without knowing what it is made of. In addition, the jewelry should not be allowed to be near children, to prevent them from chewing and ingesting toxins.

Make sure that children do not swallow the bolts or screws of the earrings. It is important to make sure that the baby is not allergic to any metal. Choosing gold, platinum or gold jewelry for children’s pieces is important. Children’s jewelry should be non-intrusive so they can play and move freely. They should also be without hook-free and secure.

What should be taken into account when choosing earrings for children and babies?

Earrings are the most worn pieces by children and babies so there are certain things to keep in mind.

The material of the earrings

Special care must be taken with the skin of babies and children due to its delicacy and susceptibility to allergies. Therefore, the material with which the baby earrings are made is essential. Without a doubt, the best material for a baby’s first earrings is gold, but also the rest of noble materials. The purer they are, the lower the risk of allergies.

Earring size

As in adults, the earrings should be according to their face. For newborn babies 3 or 4mm earrings are recommended. Baby hoop earrings are not recommended, they can be hooked. The earrings with sizes between 5 and 7mm are for children of one year or more. It is important to take into account the shape of the earring, because if the earring has pearls in it, the perception of size, being this spherical, is bigger.

Shape of the earring

The earrings must be comfortable to wear for a baby or child, since they spend most of the time sleeping and playing, and they must feel comfortable with them. The shape of the earrings must be flat, without pointed or dangling areas.

Closure of the earring

For the earring to be comfortable and safe, the clasp must be threaded. This type of closure prevents the loss of the earrings and the bolt getting stuck in the ears of children and babies. There are other types of clasps, but they are more suitable for older children with some responsibility.

Special cares

The pearl earrings have the pearl glued with a special glue that comes off with exposure to water and soap. Therefore, it is not advisable for babies and children to wear this type of earrings continuously.

Earrings should be cleaned regularly because they can collect dirt on the back of the ear and the earring.

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