How to choose the perfect necklace for each look?

How to choose the perfect necklace for each look? Our look must be completed with jewellery correctly for every occasion and necklaces or pendants are no exception. Each type of neckline is paired with its appropriate necklace or pendant.

Neckline with sleeves

  • Shirt: For shirts and dresses with this type of neckline, accessories that fit the neck with small pendants or complicated necklaces under the neck of the garment will be fine. The second option can only be used when the blouse does not have a special decoration in the chest area.
  • Boat: The garments with this neckline, have an opening from shoulder to shoulder. With the dresses and tops with this cut you can use hanging chains or long necklaces.
  • Draped: A good option would be to choose not to wear any necklace because the neck of this type looks like an accessory by itself. Or choose a short round necklace or a long pendant under the neck.
  • Asymmetrical: The most common type of asymmetrical neckline is a one-shoulder dress or top. An asymmetrical necklace looks very sophisticated and very stylish in this case. Or you can also choose not to wear any necklace.

Neckline without sleeves:

  • Strapless: Strapless dresses and tops fit well with necklaces that are very tight around the neck, short necklaces. A good solution would be to opt for a thin chain.
  • Halter: V neckline very pronounced. This type of garment accepts pendants with simple, fine lines and a central piece or a simple pendant on the skin, large or small.

Necklines with indistinct sleeves:

  • Square: This type of neckline is more frequent in tops with straps or jackets. These types of necklines fit perfectly with square or rectangular pendants.
  • Oval: This type of cleavage opens a fairly large area of ​​the body. It can be filled with a bulky stone necklace. The shape of the stones and the lines of the same necklace should be smooth and round.
  • High: Dresses and blouses with this type of neck will look especially good with pendants on chains or long threads, multi-level chains or pearl necklaces.
  • V-neckline: Necklaces that repeat the neckline shape will fit well with this type of neckline. They can be one-piece pendants in the shape of an inverted triangle or with complicated designs that have a multitude of interlocking elements. Another good option would be a slim pendant.
  • Basic: It is a closed neckline without becoming a high neck. Short necklaces or chunky chokers with 1 or 2 turns attached to the neck fit perfectly with these garments.
  • Round (U-neck): Round neckline without being closed or too open. The short necklaces with volume and stones are the best for these garments.
  • Heart: As its name suggests, it is shaped like a heart. Requires short or medium and thin necklaces, even with several turns.

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