How to choose the perfect ring for you?

Hand shape

Each person has different hands. Both the sex you have and the age, influence the type of ring that best suits your hand. But also, the size of the fingers and the hand is important.

  • Small hands: If you have small hands, use rings that are equally small. If you use thin rings, these will highlight your joints so it is better to opt for rings that are large.
  • Large hands: If you have large hands, use large rings. These make the hands and rings more provided. Geometric or asymmetrical embellished rings will make your hands look slimmer.
  • Short fingers: The rings with elongated stones, make your fingers appear visually longer and therefore stylize the hands.
  • Long fingers: People with long fingers can afford to wear two rings, they can be simple. If your hands are too long, avoid using pieces with large, oval and elongated stones, geometric stones favor more.


With the passage of time our hands change shape, we even lose the luster of the skin. Fashions and styles also change.

  • Young hands: A thin ring with a small stone highlights the freshness of young skin.
  • Aged hands: A large ring distracts attention from visible age spots, wrinkles, and veins.

According to label

The label marks, in addition to clothing, accessories and jewelry that we must wear for each occasion. Regardless of the style of each, there are certain points that we must take into account.

  • Diamonds: Diamonds are only used for an evening look. Wearing these types of accessories with jeans and a T-shirt is not a good idea.
  • Many rings: Wearing many rings at the same time in one hand is a sign of bad taste.
  • Different rings: Rings of different metals and stones at the same time in the same hand are also considered in bad taste.
  • Colorful rings: Avoid using colored stones and colorful rings with a brightly colored nail polish on your nails to avoid oversaturating your hands.
  • Long nails: If you have long nails, do not highlight them with long stones. Go for something more sophisticated, such as a slim ring with a tiny stone.
  • Index finger: A slim ring with a geometric pattern will look better on the index finger.
  • Thumb: Putting a ring on your thumb is very original. You can choose bulky rings, but without stones or additional decorations.
  • Little finger: On your little finger you should only wear thin rings without stones. Large stone rings do not go well with this finger.
  • Work: If there is a strict dress code in your work, use only your alliance.


Not only women must take care of the use they make of rings, men, although to a lesser extent, also usually wear rings and with a couple of indications they can wear the indicated rings for every occasion.

  • Number of rings: Two rings in one hand, in addition to the alliance, is the maximum number suitable for men. Better to opt for a tight cut, dull and opaque colored ring.
  • Little finger: The little finger used to be used to wear family rings or large rings. But today, it is considered old-fashioned.

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