How to choose the right earring?

How to choose the right earring? There is an infinite variety of earrings, but not all of them favour us, so it is appropriate to look for earrings that are suitable for our face type. In addition, the earrings that we are going to wear must go according to the occasion, and with the look that they accompany and your personal preferences.

  • Oval: it is the most versatile face shape, also for earrings. Although any type and style of earring favours you, the rounds are the least recommended, including the hoops. The ones that best suit you are the long ones with triangular shapes, as long as you don’t have a short neck.
  • Square: in this type of face, the angles of the chin and the forehead are very marked. Angled, elongated and oversized designs are not best suited for this type of face. The small earrings, with oval and round shapes, like the hoops, are the sure bet to give more sensation of curvature.
  • Round: the rounded shape earrings will accentuate the shape of our face more so they are not the most suitable for this face. Look for dangling earrings, elongated, with angular details or geometric shapes. The rings, whether large or small, having the same shape as the face, are not the most flattering.
  • Rectangular or elongated: it is the opposite case to the previous one. The most flattering for this face are the round and glued earrings. The rings balance the elongated and square shape of the face. Large and / or long earrings do not favour this type of face.
  • Hexagonal or diamond: the cheeks are wider than the forehead and chin. All types of earrings are suitable for this face. They have the opportunity to wear a type of earring every day.
  • Inverted triangle or heart: designs whose shape is opposite to the shape of the oval of the face are the ones to bet on if we have this type of face. So, earrings that end in a pointed shape and earrings that are wide at the top are not the best fit for this type of face. Large models that contrast with the thinness of the chin are the most flattering.

Long earrings do not help visually lengthen a short neck. Short or button earrings are the least recommended for those with a long neck.

Height must be taken into account; Small earrings play in favour of a short woman, while tall women should bet on larger earrings.

The earrings help give light to your face. Choosing the colours that favour will work will be great.

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