Take care of your jewellery so that they are like the first day

Do you know how to take care of your jewellery?

Having a jewel does not mean using it in any way. There is a proper way to wear and store them.

Of course, if we do not take special care, over time the pieces will wear out and we will have to go to a professional jeweller to restore their initial appearance. We even run the risk of the jewels occupying that corner of the jewellery box until they are completely forgotten.

So, this doesn’t happen, here I give you some tips to know how to care for your jewellery in a very simple way. Following these rules, you will always have your perfect jewellery.

  • Avoid contact with the chlorine of water: avoid bathing and doing housework with the pieces on. Chlorine and cleaning products, such as bleach, damage them badly, and in a short time, can cause them to darken and damage.
  • Avoid contact with cosmetics: after applying perfume, cream and/or makeup, wait for the products to be dry completely on your skin. The alcohol present in some of these products can damage the part. Jewellery is the last thing you should wear when it comes to dressing to go out on the street.
  • Avoid sleeping, playing sports, going to the beach, cooking or making crafts with jewellery on: acid can speed up the oxidation process of parts and contact with salt and sand can scratch them and wear out the bath.
  • Avoid falling and jewel shocks: handle the parts very carefully. Friction can scratch them and in the case of the stones that make up the jewellery, they can even break or loose.
  • Store jewellery in individual bags and/or compartments: when stored individually, friction protection is guaranteed. Always keep in mind moisture, as it also damages the part over time.
  • Be careful when storing chains: closed and stored chains could form knots and could therefore deform or break.
  • Parts cleaning: You can clean jewellery with warm water and neutral soap, never with toothpaste. You can rub them with a very, very soft brush that doesn’t scratch. Afterwards, you must dry them very very well with a jewellery cloth (they’ll surely give it to you along with the piece in the purchase). Never use toilet paper, especially to dry silver.

See how easy it is to care of and maintain your jewellery? By following these simple rules, you will keep your jewels intact for a long time.

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