We launched LINE, the first Made by Me Jewelry collection

We launched LINE, the first Made by Me Jewelry collection.

After a long design process, we present a collection inspired by the line of life, with its straight lines and curves, with its comings and goings. It is made up of three sets; Barra, Aro and Enredo.

  • Barra represents those linear lives, without complications.
  • ro represents those lives that are stuck in a loop.
  • Enredo represents those lives that have linear phases and phases stuck in a loop.

Completely made in Silver 925, we hope you like it. Of course, handcrafted in our workshop by the hands and effort of our jeweler.

Soon we will be presenting each and every one of the pieces that make up the collection piece by piece.

You know, all the pieces and much more on our website. And if you want a personalized and totally exclusive piece, write us an email.

Which set represents your life? Which is the stage of life are you living know?

To see the pieces of this collection, click here: LINE collection

To see all our collections, click here: Collections Made by Me

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