What are the differences between a jewel and costume jewellery?

What are the differences between a jewel and costume jewellery? The main difference between jewellery and costume jewellery is in its composition. The jewellery is made from noble metals, such as gold, silver, or platinum, and precious stones, such as rubies, emeralds, sapphires, and diamonds. Experience as a jeweller and specific tools are needed to make a jewel.

Costume jewellery has a similar manufacturing process, but is made from non-noble metals as the base, such as brass and bronze. Subsequently, they receive a noble metal bath making the piece plated.

Jewellery is made from noble metals and rarely has a bath. Some pieces may come with an extremely thin gold or silver plating that is used only to colour the piece.


Both pieces have incredible beauty and shine, but differ in terms of durability, which is directly related to the amount of noble material present in the accessory. While jewellery is made of solid noble metal, jewellery is only made of layers of metal.

Jewellery, as it does not have a 100% noble metal interior, becomes less durable than jewellery. The greater the amount of noble material, the greater the durability of the piece.


The quality of the jewellery and costume jewellery varies completely according to the creation and bathing procedure of the piece.

All the glamor and beauty of a piece is not only due to the material from which it is made, nor to the sizes and elements placed in the accessory. You also need to pay attention to the quality of your finish.

The jewels have a good finish. This is often due to the high malleability of the noble materials and the high processing criteria and quality controls. The jewellery, because they use less malleable materials, require a greater effort to obtain the perfect finish, however, it is possible to achieve it with a good professional.

Costume jewellery is generally used as the simplest ornament, to be worn once or twice. They have a much lower shine than jewellery and a strong tendency to oxidation.


Because noble metals and precious stones are used, the price of jewellery is much higher compared to costume jewellery. There are many factors that can add price to the piece, be it the amount of material, the type of stone or diamond cut, the finish and also the brand. The jewellery has varied prices and, because it is cheaper, it is more popular. But it is worth remembering that, when buying them, it is important to consider the relationship between cost and benefit. There is affordable jewellery, you can find a big price difference between jewellery.

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